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...Write Something here to complain about what I'm not doing.

I have no idea what to write. Well, that's wrong actually. I have too many ideas on what to write and I can't narrow it down to one. I need to narrow it down though or else nothing will ever get done.

I first did Nano in 2008. Or perhaps it was 2007? I don't remember, but I do remember the story I wrote. I wrote it in a notebook rather than on a computer so it was slow going and I barely made a few good chapters because I kept pausing to count or estimate my words. Needless to say it did not end well and I did not make the 50000 word goal. The story itself was about a boy from Russia in the 1920s travelling alone by train. Possibly trying to get to Paris? I don't even know if that's historically possible. Oh well. Its fiction right?

I didn't do much better until Camp NaNo July (or was it June?) 2011. This was the first and only time I made it to 50000 words on a single story. My great magnum opus (is that redundant?) Land of Us. Unfortunately Land of Us is still unfinished five years on. It is also incredibly pretentious. I love it to bits. I want to power through it and get done, of course, but I always get stuck. Late game writers block. The ending needs to be perfect and oh look we're here. The epilogue is mostly done though. Just a bit more to go.

Not 50000 more words though in any case.

After that came a series of unfinished story ideas that went nowhere, or at least haven't found their pathway yet. A story about a Victorian girl who gets whisked away by an alien rebel and learns Life Lessons(tm). That lasted an entire chapter. A story about a girl who becomes a werewolf and dates a vampire boy. That lasted six. A whopping twelve chapters came out of "On the Way to DC" which evidently was good enough to get a title, and, looking back on it now is actually not badly written, just has poor pacing. That is probably salvageable. But not today. I feel no passion for it today. Not in an election year at least.

And of course through it all a milieu of additions to Land of Us. Currently the work stands at 86000 words. I know I'll have to finish it sometime. I cannot leave my main opus incomplete.
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